Marushin Canneries Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MCM), a canned food manufacturing & sales company is an established joint-investment company between Kumpulan FIMA Berhad, Kawasho Foods Corporation, Japan and Wamda Holdings Sdn Bhd in 1987. The factory which is located 30 kilometres in the suburbs from Johor Bahru City in Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate, produces the freshest canned sardines and mackerels locally.

We are in the business of manufacturing and selling of canned sardines and mackerels under the moniker King Cup which has about 30% of the local market share, rendering King Cup as one of the top canned sardine/mackerel distributors.
With a yearly import quantity of 4,500 metric tons, the raw materials are directly imported from Mexico and South Africa for both sardines and mackerels through Kawosho Foods Corporation. With over 30 years of import/export relationship, we ensure every box shipped is packaged with care while abiding to every guideline.

MCM has over 100 employees strong and King Cup Brand is honoured to be accredited with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate by SIRIM. It is without a doubt that we are extremely proud in achieving the highest standards of quality, manufacturing processes and services in both the domestic and international market.

The ever-changing market is fast paced. MCM thrives in customizing to the needs of the local market. Our desire to deliver customer satisfaction through continuous improvement never wavers as we practice effective Quality Management System



The Research & Development department prides itself in continuously pushing the boundaries in benefitting MCM.

MCM houses highly competent specialists in various fields that are actively undertaking research and development projects to further push the quality levels and to develop new and exciting products. To achieve this, MCM is supported by up-to-date equipment that will propel MCM to cope with high tech industries and be the leading role in sardine and mackerel cannery.



· To contribute to Malaysians through our food business and activities.

· To be unparalleled in producing the best canned sardines and mackerel in terms of quality and brand.

· To be environmental friendly.

Policy of the


To be the best manufacturer of canned products of Sardines and Mackerel in Malaysia.

Policy of the


Marushin Canneries Malaysia Sdn.Bhd is committed to consistently produce high quality canned fish products to comply with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and applicable requirements. We will achieve customer satisfaction through continuous improvement by practicing effective Quality Management System.

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Our plant in Pasir Gudang, Johor utilizes modern production tools such as a computerised laboratory, computer-aided manufacturing, and advanced support equipment. We practice strict quality control to conform to stringent international standards.


Empty palletized cans are fed into a depalletizer machine which is then transferred to the production area via a feed conveyor.


Experienced and qualified workers then fill the fish into the empty tin cans manually while abiding to strict hygiene codes.


The fish filled cans will then proceed to be cooked via the exhaust box where the steam cooking takes place.


Steamed cans are put into a retort for heat sterilization.


End products that are packed are stacked up in the warehouse ready for shipment.


Finished products are loaded on to the lorry & to be ship to retail stores.

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Kawasan Perindustrian Pasir Gudang,
81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor

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